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never be yourself

Slow and Easy

Lying in the lion’s den, so close.
Something shakes outside and wakes us both.
Your whisper breaks, you sound alarmed.
I’ll keep you safe and sound, unharmed.
Lay low.

Flowers guard our bed with red and gold
The pillows frame your head with red and gold
Our bodies weave a tapestry
we study. And the mystery

Slow and Easy
Woman, we have so much time
and I swear I’ll give you anything
and everything that’s mine
Slow and Easy
Girl, we’ve got the night and more
And I’ll hold you tight until the light
of dawn climbs ‘cross our floor
Slow and Easy

I close my eyes pretending I can’t tell
how deeply you spin me into your spell.
The breeze denies the candlelight.
We’re blind inside this dark delight-
ful hell.